code too large

  1. A

    Android Question code too large error on Release Obfuscation

    Hi all I have a problem. When I compile my code in Release it compiles and works fine. But when I compile the same code with Release Obfuscation I have this error B4A Version: 12.20 Parsing code. (0.55s) Java Version: 8 Building folders structure. (0.07s) Compiling code. (0.44s)...
  2. Pedro Caldeira

    Android Question code too large for try statement

    Hello All, I have a project with lots os activities, code modules, classes, etc. Recently I started to get this message, in modules that are not touched in several months. I have revised the code and found no try statements larger than 10 lines. Does B4A has a limit in the number of lines? code...
  3. I

    Android Question error: code too large

    Hi There, I am trying to use the BarCode generation code in: When I try to compile the project, I am getting: src\JHSBarcodes\V1\ error: code too large public static String _process_globals() throws...