column resizing

  1. Magma

    B4J Code Snippet B4XTable Column Resizing... (works for me)

    Hi there... Well many of us need/asking column resizing... but noone do the start... well I ve decided to start... but hey... need help.. I think is a good start... need a lot of fixes and your ideas... I am uploading an example - and give you my notes here... What works.... - Resizing...
  2. Jmu5667

    B4J Question Tableview Anomaly when column resizing.

    Hello I have a table view with 7 cols. The first 2 cols are text, and the remainder 5 cols have a checkbox in them. When I resize any of the cols that have a checkbox using the double click on the col header when the mouse icon turns to resize the following occurs: Is this a bug, or if...