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    Android Question Linking Error While Compiling

    I am trying to compile an old project which was on another machine. The new machine has the latest version of B4A (111.80). I keep getting the error below. Any suggestions? B4A Version: 11.80 Parsing code. (0.20s) Java Version: 11 Building folders structure. (0.08s) Compiling code...
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    iOS Question [SOLVED] B4I Error "Cannot run program "/usr/local/bin/cfgutil" (in directory "/"): error=2, No such file or directory"

    Hello. I'm getting this error, when I try to run my app on my iPhone. In simulator, everything works fine. I have Mac builder. I'm using Apple Configurator. B4I Version: 7.50 3 weeks before everything worked fine. "Communication error: java.lang.RuntimeException:
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    Android Question Compilation Error

    Hi, here is my code. I'm using b4a version 9.50 with Net Library 1.8 in default folder. For i =0 To Qty-1 Cursor1.Position=i FileName=Cursor1.GetString("VoiceMessageFileName") If FileName<>"" Then...