1. ziz

    Android Question Why Basic4 Android is fast and does not consume device resources ؟

    Hello you all I could not understand why Basic for Android is fast and does not consume device resources Unlike Android Studio, for example, it is slow in compiler and heavy, even though a company like Google is behind it Even by running the application on the phone, the Basic for Android...
  2. carlos7000

    Android Question Pause compilation

    ¿It is possible at some point of the compilation process, to pause in that process, so that a program (of a third party) does some work on the code before the final compilation? I refer specifically to whether it is possible to allow after the lexical and syntactic analysis of the source code...
  3. carlos7000

    Android Question Development of obfuscator

    Hi all Seeing the obfuscated code of other programs ... An example: class C0124t { /* renamed from: a */ final /* synthetic */ C0119p f3067a; /* renamed from: b */ private final String f3068b; /* renamed from: c */ private final float f3069c; /* renamed from: d */...
  4. Raywingit

    Android Question B4A 8.5 compile error

    Here is the log: B4A Version: 8.50 Parsing code. (0.12s) Building folders structure. (0.03s) Running custom action. (0.23s) Running custom action. (0.06s) Compiling code. (0.18s) Compiling layouts code. (0.05s) Organizing libraries. (0.66s) Running custom action. (0.06s)...
  5. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Connecting a USB cable directly to my pc to install apps

    Hi Everyone, Is it possible not to use the B4A bridge and compile and install an app directly to my phone using a USB cable? If yes, what's needed to do it? Thanks.
  6. LWGShane

    B4X compiler & Ryzen

    @Erel: A dumb question but does B4X take advantage of multiple threads when compiling? I'm assuming it does. (I'm looking into a Ryzen CPU as my next CPU.)