1. Magma

    B4J Code Snippet LZ4 Fast Compress and Decompress

    Hi there... I am in search for faster ways to compress/decompress images... bytes in general... So i ve done some work... not much, i am sharing here with you guys.. Need some Inline java: #if java import net.jpountz.lz4.LZ4Factory; import net.jpountz.lz4.LZ4Compressor; import...
  2. P

    B4A Library PndFFmpegKit - FFmpeg Library

    FFmpegKit is a wrapper library that allows you to easily run FFmpeg/FFprobe commands in applications. It provides additional features on top of FFmpeg to enable platform specific resources, control how commands are executed and how the results are handled. Original library...
  3. P

    B4J Library jMagicImage - Read exif and metadata data, convert, compress image, also some basic image filters

    Original libarary: jMagicImage is a B4j (wrapper) library for image processing. It can support many formats of images in Java programs and provide common functions to make adjustments to the image. After you finish adjusting your images, you can export...
  4. P

    B4A Library Convert/Compress Image - WebP, JPG, PNG

    Convert/Compress Image between different formats WebP, JPG, PNG.
  5. Star-Dust

    B4J Library SD: ZipLibrary

    jSD_ZipLibray Author: Star-Dust Version: 1.02 SD_ZipLibray Functions: Class_Globals As String Initialize As String Inizializza l'oggetto. Puoi aggiungere parametri a questo metodo,se necessario. IsInitialized As Boolean Verifica se l'oggetto sia stato inizializzato. Zip (FilesTxt As...