context menu

  1. D

    Android Question Custom Context Menu for Text Selection Error

    I am trying to run Erel's demo for Custom Context Menu for Text Selection on my old Samsung Note 8, dev phone. The code is found here: Every time I run the code it gives me this error: adb: failed to...
  2. J

    B4J Question Context Menu Items

    Is there a master list of what can be used in a context menu json ? I've searched and only find bits-n-pieces. Thanks in advance. Cheers JD
  3. M

    B4J Question B4J Context Menu questions

    I have a TextField on a form. Running the project and right-clicking the TextField (with text in it), by default, produces the following context menu with some text selected. I'd like to append/add to the existing menu, so that it don't lose the existing menu items and their functionality. How...
  4. valentino s

    Italian [RISOLTO] B4j: come aggiungere voci in menu' contestuali (right click) su files - windows ?

    Salve a tutti. Caso: Windows, scorro cartelle, vedo files. Cliccando con il tasto destro del mouse su un file, si apre un menu'. Vorrei aggiungere una voce nel menu' per eseguire compiti su b4j. Ho cercato con context contextual menu windows right click e varie combinazioni, ma senza...
  5. Jack Cole

    Wish IDE - Open Modules Send to First or Last

    This is a small time saving suggestion. When dealing with many open modules (tabs), it is difficult to rearrange them at times because they become undocked if you move the mouse too much up or down. Unless you hit escape while they are undocked, they'll be put in to the end of the open window...