1. DactilPlus

    iOS Question Detect the change in the general volume or at least be able to know it

    I need to be able to detect the event of raising or lowering the general volume of the music or at least be able to know the current volume. I tried some example that we have in the forum, but nothing works for me, it gives me volume 0. Can someone help me how to get it?
  2. M

    iOS Question [SOLVED] SegmentedControl in Navigation Bar iOS 12 is invisible

    hi I followed this post , and all work fine. But when I tried the app on iOS 12.x the Segmented Control became invisibile, touchable, but no GUI. Just not visibile. Why it behave like so? I expected only to became blue (the old style). thanks!
  3. W

    B4J Question Array of buttons

    I have an array of 24 buttons . If I give them identical event names in designer can I handle their click events in a single event handler . If so how do I pass the name of the button to this event handler so it can tell which button generated the event ? Any help gratefully received
  4. R

    Android Question Share Controls between Activities

    Regards. I am a newbie in B4A and I have a question in which, I hope, you can help me. In the Main Activity I have a sub (MySQL_Query) that connects to MySQL and obviously this is also the JobDone sub. In the JobDone sub, fill a ListView (ListViewProfile). It's okay. In another activity I...
  5. tznikos

    Android Question There are Control when the OS CLose my application ?

    During my application is the background the operating system close my application, there is a way to know when that happen, something like application_error for example application_Dispose or application_finish Thanks