1. BugNot

    Android Question SDK 29 : how copy file from another (my) app

    Hi all, As you know, only a few months before the obligatory switch to targetSdkVersion 29. I have 2 applications with database, one free and one full. Until now, in the free, my database is in File.DirDefaultExternal, and when the user installs the complete one, I copied the database from...
  2. BugNot

    Android Question Copy file from another app

    Hello, How to copy a file from another application knowing that the two applications are mine? What is the path to File.DirInternal? /data/data/ How to go to the DirInternal of the other application? Thanks
  3. M

    iOS Question Copy a Map to another oen

    Hi in B4i how can I copy a map into another? Given the fact the function "GetKeyAt" and "GetValueAt" doens't exists? Thanks!

    Wish Past format

    Hello, I dont know if it would be usefull , or if that already exists but that i have not see With the designer tool, when a complicated layout creation i would get the "Past Format" button for copying the settings on all selected views (with same type) ? have a good week Regards
  5. L

    Android Question Copy file to USB stick error

    I have to copy a file in the Internal Directory to a USB stick. To select the destination path I use "ExternalSotorage" library. When I have selected the destination directory then I use ABzipunzip to zip the file, using the internal memory for source and the USB stick for destination, but it...
  6. G

    German Read/only Datei attribut umsetzen ?

    Hallo ,kurze Frage Bei der Installation meiner App installiere ich für den Benutzer eine Datei, die er später beliebig erweitern soll. (ein Excel sheet). Hierzu kopieren ich die Datei mit dem Code: LapDir = RP.GetSafeDirDefaultExternal("LAPs") If File.Exists(LapDir...
  7. A

    Android Question Copy all folder content

    Hello, Does anybody know how to copy all files from one folder (for example dirInternal -> folder1 ) to another folder (for example dirInternal -> folder2 )? Thanks in advance
  8. K

    Android Question Copy DB from asset

    Hi expert I'm trying to copy file from asset folder it shows error /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.temp/files/temp1.db (No such file or directory) while Log(File.Exists(File.DirDefaultExternal,"temp1.db")) shows true my code : If File.ExternalWritable...
  9. A

    Android Question saving files

    Hello every one, I wanna save my SQLite file (*.db) to a normal folder. in notice that I can save it in this way: File.Copy(File.DirAssets,"ansdb.db",File.DirInternal,"ansdb.db") but I can't see the file in my phone. I wanna save it in way to I be able to see the file and copy it in my pc. any...