1. Y

    Android Question JUCE Framework Android Audio Application doesn't work properly with bluetooth headphone

    I have created a simple audio player application for Android that plays MP3 files stored on the phone. It calculates the BPM of the currently playing song and applies basic effects like reverb and EQ. However, I am experiencing an interesting issue. The BPM calculation works fine when playing...
  2. S

    Android Question scrollview does not scroll

    Hi I am trying to create a menu including 6 labels and 6 images which the total height of these 6 labels are more than the screen's height so i'd like to have a scrolling view starting from the 20%y, so i have used "scrollview" but the problem is after adding the views to the scrollview and...
  3. Waldemar Lima

    Android Question WebSocket library error on connect [Official Library]

    hi everyone , i am trying b4a with websocket server using libwebsocket on C++ , but show message : Server 404 not found on android application . why it happens ? both are incompatible ?