1. J

    B4J Question I need comfort...

    I have developed a (mostly) cross-platform app. I am pleased with that app and I wish to release it starting with B4J. If that is successful I will then release B4A and B4i versions. But I have issues that may or may not be a problem. Kindly help me address one or more of those issues. I...
  2. peacemaker

    Android Question B4A development, but preparing for B4i

    HI, All Suggest the guids for B4A developer (never touched iOS), if there is a plan to develop the app for Android (text info HTTP-client for a server API + GPS tracking + map + QR-scanning), but having on mind a future cross-platform migration to iOS also. How better to make app structure for...
  3. LWGShane

    Visual Studio / MonoDevelop Plugins & B4X

    Visual Studio, along with MonoDevelop is fully extensible with plugins; so I'm wondering if there could be B4X plugins for VS on Mac and MonoDevelop on Linux. This would allow Mac & Linux users to use B4X without the need to run Windows.
  4. giofram

    Android Question B4X: cross-platform and socket managing features

    Dear B4Xers, we need to create cross-platform UI; we need to work with sockets in the background also. A typical example of our hypothetical application is an app where a disabled person "explores" an ever-changing UI that is dynamically generated to learn how to use different types of controls...