1. peacemaker

    Android Question B4A development, but preparing for B4i

    HI, All Suggest the guids for B4A developer (never touched iOS), if there is a plan to develop the app for Android (text info HTTP-client for a server API + GPS tracking + map + QR-scanning), but having on mind a future cross-platform migration to iOS also. How better to make app structure for...
  2. ShaneG30

    Visual Studio / MonoDevelop Plugins & B4X

    Visual Studio, along with MonoDevelop is fully extensible with plugins; so I'm wondering if there could be B4X plugins for VS on Mac and MonoDevelop on Linux. This would allow Mac & Linux users to use B4X without the need to run Windows.
  3. giofram

    Android Question B4X: cross-platform and socket managing features

    Dear B4Xers, we need to create cross-platform UI; we need to work with sockets in the background also. A typical example of our hypothetical application is an app where a disabled person "explores" an ever-changing UI that is dynamically generated to learn how to use different types of controls...