1. Luis_FY

    Spanish Leer y modificar extensión CSV o TXT

    Saludos amigos, tengo una duda para generar una aplicación en B4A con las siguientes características. - Abrir un archivo CSV o TXT. - Crear un Archivo CSV o TXT. - Editar el archivo para poder guardar información y leer la información actual. Hasta ahorita solo he podido tratar de abrir...
  2. MList

    Android Question B4X Load .csv file from download folder

    Hi, i would like to import and export a .csv file (build from B4xtabledata) directly to the Download Folder. With su.save i can't put it directly to the download folder, so i did SaveAs afterwards. So the user has to save the file 2 times, he doesn't know why. Is there any other possibility? The...
  3. C

    B4J Question Passing .csv coordinates to Scatter Chart

    I am trying to plot coordinates that i have in a .csv file that is divided by ",". the .csv looks like this: Being the first number the X coordinate and the second the Y coordinate The code Im using is : Public XY As List XY.Initialize XY = su.LoadCSV(File.DirApp...