1. FrostCodes

    Share My Creation Cuppy Framework Is dead

    It is so sad to announce that the little project I have been working on for some time now(more than 6 months now) has to finally die due to insufficient support and interest in it. Cuppy Framework is a native UI/UX framework for B4J and also a collection of utilities that helps develop any type...
  2. FrostCodes

    Share My Creation [Cuppy] B4X Forum Desktop App Mockup

    First, I think I should mention that this isn't a real app and Anywhere Software has nothing to do with it. This mockup/design demonstrates/shows the type of B4J apps you would be able to create using Cuppy Framework starting from the full release. Currently, Cuppy Framework is under the beta...
  3. FrostCodes

    Share My Creation Cuppy Framework - B4J Material Design User Interface Views

    Long ago, I wrote this post and a lot of people did show interest in my framework: well for this Friday special i am happy to say i am releasing the free beta version of Cuppy Framework please...