1. L

    Android Question Webdav access via OkHttp

    Greets! It's another WebDav question! While the search results from the forum have been somewhat helpful, part of my misunderstanding is that my particular request doesn't follow the same format as those prior. In particular, I don't *think* I need to map or create a multipart json request. The...
  2. Sandman

    Wish Online tool to convert curl request to B4X code

    This is a low priority wish that also could be implemented by a forum member looking for a fun challenge. Now and then we get questions on how to convert a curl request to B4X. (Example thread) Recently I found an official tool by the curl team: h2c. It helps convert a set of headers to a curl...
  3. AKJammer

    B4J Question Entering Curl Command as HTTP in B4x

    Hey All, I'm in the same boat as Colin Evans was in question, but my curl is structured differently. Is there some tutorial where we can find the breakdowns of the different flags in a curl...
  4. A

    Android Question Back4app Parse server authentication

    Hi I decided to use Back4app Parse server for my project as a backend. I wonder did someone try to communicate with parse server and how? Since the only Parse library I found here is outdated, and I am not very skilled programmer :), I decided that CURL is the best (i.e. easiest ;) ) way to...
  5. Alex Guerrero

    Android Question cURL to implement Firebase Realtimedatabase transaction

    Hello, I am trying to update data with conditional requests in Firebase Realtimedatabase, but I do not get the unique identifier or ETag, please can you help me, thanks. The idea is to implement a secure transaction in Firebase Realtimedatabase. The example base code is in the following link...