1. M

    iOS Question Get name of current page on Resume (Application_Active)

    Hi everyone, i was trying to replicate the Activity_Resume of B4A in iOS. There is the Application_Active, but the problem is that i need to do page related things. Example User opens the app on Page 0, then he go to Page1, then the user sends the app to background. Then he resume the app, so...
  2. K

    Android Question GPS get location of current point

    Hii, I want Latitude and Longitude of current location. I'm using GPS library. gps_LocationChanged procedure give values of lat and long. this procedure run when my position change. I want position as gps start. what is solution?
  3. Rob Bliss

    Android Question Google Maps Current Location Listener

    Is there a way to know when the current location button in a Google Map has been clicked. Id prefer not to override the existing functionality, ideally just add my own bits to it, but if I can only override then so be it. Cheers