custom listview

  1. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Selecting a custom list view item for a specific index number

    Greetings, In my custom list view I'm using this code to play and pause music. When the user clicks the play icon the icon changes to a pause icon so the user can pause the music. Clicking it again will make the icon a play icon. I know what the index is for the play / pause ImageView. I want...
  2. L

    Android Question CLVSwipe + Horizontal ListView Problem

    Hi, I have a problem with the CLVSwipe library. I decided to use it for the pull to refresh feature, but as long as i initialize it I can't swipe with a horizontal custom listview that is put inside the custom listview where CLVSwipe has been initialized. Is possible to disable the horizontal...
  3. G

    iOS Question hide customlistview in b4i

    Greetings, update the library xcustomlistview and I can not find the function to hide customlistview, for example in b4i is something likre clv1.asview.visible(false)
  4. T

    Android Question ListView with Section Header in Android

    Hi, is there a way to create a grouped List view as shown in the screenshot? Help me on how to go about it. I would also like to have a custom listview with group titles. Is it possible? Any tutorial, please share the link if it has already been done. Thanks