1. N

    B4J Question Retrieving the "Name" property of a custom view

    Hello community, and thanks for a great product @Anywhere Software. I am creating a custom view in B4J that requires the Name property set by the user in the designer grid. I know I can get the event name, text properties through the lbl, size properties through Base, as well as the custom...
  2. Sagenut

    Android Question Add CustomView by code Multiple times

    This question refer to this discussion: In the linked discussion has been given the solution how to add a CustomView by code: making a dedicated layout with the CustomView and loading the...
  3. walterf25

    iOS Question Range SeekBar (Help)

    Hello everyone, i'm in need of some help, i was not able to find any library for a Range SeekBar, so I decided to try and create my first B4X Custom view, i have been able to create the slide bar with two knobs, one for the minimumValue and another one for the maximumValue. I am also able to...