date and time

  1. Alexander Stolte

    B4A Library [B4X] AS WheelDateTimePicker - based on ASWheelPicker

    This is a date and time picker in IOS picker design. This library is based on the ASWheelPicker, without it the library will not work.
  2. C

    Android Question Clarion date conversion

    Hi! I'm trying to convert a date from Clarion format (80328 02/12/2020) to a date in b4a. It's a kind of julian date, any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  3. A

    iOS Question DateTime.DateParse problem

    Hi all. It might be a dumb question but I can't find an answer. I have a simple code Try DateTime.TimeFormat="HH:mm:ss" DateTime.DateFormat="MM/dd/yyyy" Dim l As Long l=DateTime.DateParse("11/26/2020 11:52:20") xui.MsgboxAsync("L="...
  4. mcqueccu

    B4J Question Advice on new app (Employee Attendance)

    I am about to work on a small B4J application - Attendance logging for the time in and time out. The organization has about 15 employees. Also, the application is expected to work offline, and on a single machine. My concern is If I use system time for the logs, it is possible for some...