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    B4J Question MySQL Date conversion

    Hi Guys, I currently have data stored in a MySQL table as '2018-07-31 00:00:00', however, my DatePicker populates a variable as '31-07-2018' and fails to pull data through. When is the best time to convert the date and how? On DatePicker_ValueChanged or inside the SQL when I look up the date...

    Android Question [B4X] [XUI] AnotherDatePicker which code is the final one?

    Hello guys, I'm testing the code listed here and I still can't get dates before 1970. I read thru the thread and it seems it was fixed already. Which is the most recent code? The attached files don't indicate the version level. Regards, Fernando

    Android Question Error compiling example app MaterialDateTimePicker

    Hello Guys, I'm trying to compile example app for MaterialDateTimePicker and am getting the following error: C:\Users\Fernando\OneDrive\Pesquisas-Estudos\Basic4Android\MaterialDateTimePicker\Objects\bin\extra\res1\res\layout\mdtp_date_time_picker_dialog.xml:10: error: No resource identifier...