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    B4J Question b4j debugger cannot inspect object values of other b4xpages components

    Hi all, forgive me if this is a stupid question, moving inside the amount of website docs and forums as a primer is not easy.... I am trying to understand the b4j debugger. I have the "three pages example". If i put a breakpoint in the second page code the list of variable in the bottom view...
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    Android Question App Installation takes too long and the debugger stops

    Hi all. I have a problem. If I try to debug the app on a phone which is 3-5 years old (Android 10 Alcatel) it takes too long to install this app and the debugger stops. If I try to do the same on a phone with Android 10 LGQ-720 AM (which is more faster) - everything Ok because the same app...
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    Android Question Waiting for IDE DEBUGGER TO CONNECT

    After the phone is disconnected from the B4A bridge and wanted to run the app or want to try the APK file on a different phone. You received " waiting for ide debugger to connect" and that is the end, it wasn't so before version 10.2
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    Android Question how can i fix this?

    how can I fix this?