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  1. A

    Android Question App Installation takes too long and the debugger stops

    Hi all. I have a problem. If I try to debug the app on a phone which is 3-5 years old (Android 10 Alcatel) it takes too long to install this app and the debugger stops. If I try to do the same on a phone with Android 10 LGQ-720 AM (which is more faster) - everything Ok because the same app...
  2. Jeanc161

    Android Question Debugger Stop Command

    If there a debugger STOP command that can enable to stop momentary the code currently executing, to allow to see variables etc. on the current excuting module, and then pressing F5 to continue the execution. LIke STOP in vb6 This can allow me a long loop that read a file or many file, stop the...