1. mcqueccu

    iOS Question [SOLVED] Help with The decryption operation failed, see inner exception error

    I have just finished building a store released application and it was successful. But when I want to download the last build, I get this error. [IDE message - 8:35:09] Downloading file... [IDE message - 8:35:15] An error occurred. The decryption operation failed, see inner exception.

    Android Question Checking AES encryption server side

    Hello, I need to check , server side an AES encryption for my own api create with asp. the string in encrypted with B4XCipher and has been sent with poststring, the recept is ok but server side, i have trying to use rijndael library functions but I can not decipher correctly found there ...
  3. Peter Simpson

    The art and science of password hashing

    Hello all, For a long time now whenever I create a bespoke database driven solution for a client I always make sure that the users database passwords and email addresses are encrypted using BCrypt with salt, that way I can tell my clients that their users details are securely stored in their...
  4. npsonic

    Android Question Encrypted file & FirebaseStorage

    I want to upload huge files >100Mb with FirebaseStorage lib, but I would also want to encrypt the file before uploading it. I could encrypt file before uploading it, but there might not be enough memory available for the bigger encrypted files. Is there any way to do this without creating...