1. R

    Android Question Saving Default String Data Containing CRLF

    Since before KVS was born I have saved default field data by assigning each field to a List element then saving to file with File.WriteList() Apparently that does not work when the string data contains CRLF because the line are divided up and added as individual list elements. So I gave KVS a...
  2. H

    Android Question B4XPreferencesDialog initial values

    Hello This code I creating item programmatically: prefdialog.AddTextItem("key","title") How to programmatically initialize a default value? How to programmatically set it as mandatory or optional field? Thank you
  3. Hajnal Máté

    Android Question Default IDE theme

    How Can I change the default IDE theme? I know that I can change the theme in Tools->IDE options->Themes but if I close the IDE it will recover from the original one. For example I want to have the IDE Theme MetroDark, Core Editor Theme Dark, but the default is Light, so despite I change it in...
  4. K

    Android Question Custom View Default Value

    I create custom class, I assign some property and its default value to it, then I add custom view in activity and, then I change default value of property in custom view. But its update default value in my activity. What is solution for this?
  5. A

    מנוע דיבור בתוך אפליקציה

    הי שאלתי לא מזמן בפורום הכללי של אנדרויד איך אפשר להשתמש במנוע דיבור בשפה העברית, וענו לי שאני צריך להתקין ולהגדיר כברירת מחדל בטלפון שלי מנוע דיבור שתומך בשפה העברית. התקנתי כמה אפליקציות בטלפון שלי שמשתמשות בדיבור (לדוגמא הקראת הודעות) בעברית, למרות שבהגדרות הטלפון שלי מנוע הדיבור המכוון...
  6. A

    Android Question In app TTS

    Hi (Sorry if my english is bad) I used some apps and in somr of them there was a voice speaked from text in hebrew. I asked before how can I use tts engine, and I been told that I need to set an tts engine that supports hebrew and set it to the default tts engine on my device, and this is not...
  7. Multiverse app

    Android Question Change the default device assist app

    After downloading Cortana, it lets you set as the default device assist app. The app does that by firing up the specific settings page via intent. So, what is the specific intent for doing so? I have asked the same question to many forums, but I got the same answer- It is not possible... Turns...
  8. avalle

    B4J Question [Server] How to disable directory listing?

    I am implementing a server application and I want to suppress the directory listing that Jetty returns by default when browsing to any folder inside the server's www folder that doesn't include an index.html file. I searched the forums but haven't found any suggestion. Is it possible and how...