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    Android Question tiny screen and delay

    B4A App starts with tiny (minimized) screen and waits 15 seconds before showing the real size screen. Using a phone with Android 8.1.0. The Layout is for size 720x1440. See screenshots. What could be wrong?
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    Android Question How to solve the delay of the timer?

    Hi good day, i'm making a personalized stopwatch, but this have a delay. I made a test, i start the stopwatch of the w10 app at the same time of my app in the phone. In sixty seconds of the w10 app, the app of the phone have a delay of two seconds, why does this happen and how can i solve it...

    Android Question Command/statement to Play a tune

    Hello all, 1) Which command/function is available to play a tune (not a song) in B4A? and 2) Which command/function is available to create a simple delay during execution (like wait 2 seconds)? Regards, Fernando