1. Lucas Siqueira

    Android Question Gradle Dependencies Online

    I'm trying to integrate with the sumup solo machine. in the documentation ( talks about dependencies: 1. Dependency Add the repository to your gradle dependencies: allprojects { repositories { maven { url...
  2. M

    Java Question Simple Library Compiler can't find AndroidX packages

    Hello, I'm trying to wrap a library, but when I try to compile it with Simple Library Compiler it says that it cant find the AndroidX packages that the library uses. However when I add let's say for example the androidx-core classes.jar to the libs folder it proceeds to the next package. The...
  3. U

    iOS Question error check dependencies armv7 arm64

    Hello, this morning I've updated a mac mini I bought. Now it runs High Sierra OS and I installed XCode 9.4. It's the first time I try to compile on a local host. My previous attempts were on the hosted service. I created new compilation settings, certificates, and so on. When I try to compile in...