1. Pedro Caldeira

    iOS Question iOS 16 developer mode

    Hello All, Is there any way to develop an iOS 16.x App in B4i that doesn't require the Development mode to be active? I have some costumers that are concerned about security, having to set this definition. Or only with apps published in the Apple Store don't require this ? Thanks in advance.
  2. A

    Java Library Convert to B4a for BT Printer What will be cost, need Developer for that.

    Dear Friends, i have a Printer ANALOGICS PDF file and LIbrary File received from Printer Supplier is attached herewith. The same i want to use it in b4a. and want to print receipt using different size fonts. (i don't need to print barcode. ) anybody who is expert in b4a , will develop...
  3. helmiazman

    Android Question Any b4a developer from Klang Valley Malaysia?

    Hi, I'm looking for b4a developer in Klang Valley Malaysia. Have an interesting short term project, PM me if you are interested.
  4. C

    Looking for Help for a Applikation

    hi, I must make a programm the scope are 2 pages 1 is config and 1 is communikation with the customer they input a code and the android device must save the data and communicat with socket. I want help from student or outher guy how has expirienc with B4A. Importent for me are a developer they...