1. M

    iOS Question BLE clear names cache

    Hi, I'm using an ESP32 to exchange data with iPhone over BLE... I changed the name of my device but the iPhone still uses the old name.... I read this thread, I tried restarting the iPhone but it still prints out the...
  2. M

    Android Question BLE does not connect - Disconnected event triggered

    Hi everyone, I already used BLE in the past for other project without any problems, now i'm using it again after some time and nothing works :confused:. When i try to connect to a ble device it goes in timeout triggerint the Disconnected event because it couldnt connect. My ble device is a...
  3. E

    Italian Come visualizzare le app su tablet

    Salve a tutti. Sono nuovo e da poco sto smanettando utilizzando b4a! Nonostante le svariate letture, ancora non mi è chiaro (sicuramente è un problema mio), come adattare una applicazione a device diversi. Nel mio caso, dovrei adattare una applicazione che viene visualizzata bene su uno...
  4. Scotter

    Android Question Amazon store: no devices supported by this APK

    FIXED! See next post after this one Hi - I've added some landscape variants to my primary layout and now Amazon app store says: "Your APK currently supports no devices. In order to submit your app, this APK must support at least one device." REGION #Region Project Attributes...