dialogs library 2017

  1. Sgdva

    Android Question Dialogs library - Prevent Dialog Closing

    Background: I need to check for the input that the users feed the library dialog with; if it does not meet the criteria, the dialog should not close until it does or the user cancels. Basically, an EditText should not be empty (that is built into the library dialog). Problem: I have not found a...
  2. LucaMs

    Android Question Dialogs 2017 - 4.0.1 - ColorDialog

    Tablet 10" - 1280x800 scale 1 (ok): Smartphone 5.2" - 1920x1080 scale ? 424ppi - maybe 2.65 (blue slider?) I know that I can use other color pickers (like this one) but I don't understand how these views are created and why they are not well resized automatically, since also...
  3. Jorge M A

    Android Question [SOLVED] Dialogs library 2017, Custom Color in Header and Footer

    Hello Everybody! There is any way to change the background color as well of text color in the header and footer of a dialog created with this great library? or it depends only on app theme? Thanks in advanced!