1. LordZenzo

    Share My Creation GiLoWordUtils

  2. LordZenzo


    Library [B4A, B4J} (plus 5 dictionaries provided, 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese) which allows you to get words from a dictionary in various different ways (very useful for word games but not only): GetRandomWord WordExists FindAnagrams GetWordsFromLetters...
  3. Mahdi321

    Share My Creation English to Persian Dictionary

    Link to Google Play
  4. Mashiane

    Oxford Dictionary API - Language Translation

    Hi there I have been wondering... https://developer.oxforddictionaries.com/documentation#!/Dictionary32entries/get_entries_source_lang_word_id Now this is close to one of the things I want to achieve... Another contender is https://glosbe.com/a-api
  5. hears

    B4A Library libary for STARDICT dictionary

    STARDICT dictionary also can used for store other information. it is very quickly,and can manage big data by very less memery.you can use 16M memery manage 15G data. i have write a library for STARDICT dictionary,they have lots of dictionary database.here is site...