1. A

    Android Question Convert pixel to dip in designer

    Our designer has created a layout for new screen. This file is in JPG. My question is - how to convert pixel to dip in designer? Let's say a button has 657 x 112 pixels. How to convert pixels to dip in designer?
  2. SayCheese

    Android Question DIPs, how independent are they really?

    Thinking about Device Independent Pixels I thought this must be the best thing since sliced bread. However, when I was playing around with listviews I noticed that a 85dips high layout loaded in a 85dips high listview item didn't fit. Although I thought it was a bit strange, I didn't think of it...
  3. MarkusR

    Android Question i will have same visual button size at differnt devices.

    i saw the tutorial about dip but i don't get it. as example for a button: me thought if me input a size value width and height in designer it is dip and the visual size is the same at all devices, but it is not. me tested also with autoscale on/off. portrait: i have a 10" tablet 800x1216 scale...