1. Star-Dust

    Share My Creation ImageLauncer / Small Video direction

    SALE New Version 20€ - Old Version 10€ (The B4A App will be included in the price to be installed on an android device to work from IPCam) Small slide/video direction. New version announced at post 18 It allows you to send images and videos contained in your PC to secondary screens connected...

    Android Question LTR or RTL Form direction

    Hello, According to the ltr or rtl language direction coosen by the user, Please, is it an easy way to call : 1: a text or label (with direction settings rtl or ltr) 2: a complete form direction (label + Edittext) or (Edittext + label), example: or : Today, according to the language...
  3. C

    Wish Easy Access for MS Access-Developers

    Hello Erel, I have a suggestion: Put more effort into convincing current Access-Developers that b4j could be their way out of deadlock. This is a huge market and it's absolutely feasible to get decent money out of it. Show them in a gentle manner how they could convert their Desktop-Apps into...
  4. sager

    Games how move object to another object position ?

    how move object to another object position ? and control with speed and direction
  5. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Indicating when you are facing the direction of a latitude and longitude

    Hi Everyone, I this possible with B4A? This is the latitude and longitude for a particular location. Place Name Latitude Longitude Tewksbury, MA, USA 42.610649 -71.234222 This is the latitude and longitude for where I'm at. Place Name Latitude Longitude Lowell, MA, USA 42.640999 -71.316711...