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    Android Question Where to create storage for backups?

    I am writing an app that will be published on the play store app. It has a Database that I would like to save when uninstalling the application or when transferring to another device using an SD card. DirRootExternal is not available in Android 13, although this is the most convenient place to...
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    Android Question dirrootexternal access in Android 11

    As you probably know, in Android 11, memory access is not possible through RunTime. What to do to get memory access in Android 11 in b4a? I do not have Android 12 to check if there is such a limit in Android 12? In general, give me the code that allows memory access in all possible versions of...
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    Android Question File.DirDefaultExternal

    Hi all, I'm improving my app for to save and open PDF file With android:targetSdkVersion="14" was fine, but after increase targetSdkVersion to 26 not work In the past I saved and read directly from DirRootExternal but now I cannot. Now I'm using DirDefaultExternal but when I try to read the...
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    Android Question Folder not visible

    When I create a folder on "File.DirRootExternal" everything works fine. I can copy, create and delete files or other subfolders. When I connect my device with the USB cable, I no longer see the folder created. with "File Explorer" android app I see the folder created. File.ExternalWritable =...