1. N

    B4J Question B4XPages and form SetOwner

    Hi all, I have searched the forums but didn't find a answer for this. I am trying to force a child b4xpage to be owned by the master page, so that master window (page) is disabled until the child is closed. I have tried this code, but the master page is not disabled. Private Sub B4XPage_Created...
  2. M

    Android Question Disable User interaction on a CustomListView

    Hi everyone, how can i disable the "click" on the various items in my customlistview? in B4i it's done like so: Dim p As Panel = clv.AsView p.UserInteractionEnabled = False But in B4A i didn't find anything like this. Even if I remove the check from "Enabled" in the designer, the items are...
  3. Z

    Android Question Disable Status Bar Expansion

    Hello, I'm new to B4A and I would like to know if anyone knows a way to disable the expansion of the status bar while maintaining it on top. Thank you. :)
  4. A0_2_A7

    Android Question Disable swipe gesture TabstripViewPager

    Hello good afternoon, I have been trying various methods to disable the swipe movement when entering a page but there is no way I leave an example to see if you can help me. I have tried this: Sub TabStrip1_PageSelected (Position As Int) Log($"Current page: ${Position}"$) If Position =...
  5. D

    Android Question TabStrip scroll disable

    I need to disable horizontal scroll using TabStrip, because if for example you have a SeekBar it's very easy to change the Tab instead of change SeekBar value. Is there any way to disable scroll?
  6. luciano deri

    Android Question Custom View: disable parameter in Designer

    Hi to everyone, i'm trying to add params to a customview but i have a problem... I have a param that when enabled, has to disable another one. I know how to do it in the code, but i don't know how to "Grey" it in the Designer. Any clues?