1. ebrahim moradi

    Android Question DNS change and b4a output file format

    Hello, I have two questions. How to add DNS (doh) and set it on the phone, for example set this dns in app : https://adguard-net.com/dns-query. the next question is how to get direct apk output in b4a after compiling the program, because the output is only It is in the form of aab, what...
  2. Magma

    B4J Code Snippet Get all "usable" Network Interfaces and all "usable" settings of them (Windows)

    Another one "usable" routine, for those want to have more control at their network... Get all "usable" Network Interfaces and all "usable" settings of them (Windows)... copy - paste at your module: Sub Class_Globals Type netinterface(Index As String,macaddress As String,Name As...
  3. M

    iOS Question Local Mac Builder - put an URL as Server IP (access from outside)

    Hi everyone. I have a local build server, i would to know if there is a way to put a URL in the "Server IP" so it became static from the outside. I have a dns, so i would like to put this in the configuration so i can build outside of my home If i click "ok" it says "invalid server ip"