1. Arie van Wingerden

    B4J Question Where can I download special tools like B4X Help Viewer

    In the booklet "B4X Help Tools" in paragraph 2.4 there is a download link for B4X Help Viewer, which does not work. So, would anybody be so kind to tell me where I can download that tool, and also another tool B4X Object Browser. TIA!
  2. F

    B4J Question [B4x] How do you simply access B4x keywords definitions ?

    Hi, how Anywhere Software intended to show the documentation page for a specific keyword (except for searching with google or so) ? Example : keyword "List" Problem : As a new user I didn't knew it is defined under "Collection" Expected answer ...
  3. Sandman

    Wish Add IDE support for variable documentation

    If we have a sub like this... ' This is a very important sub Public Sub showingOff Msgbox("Never use Msgbox", "Important message") End Sub ...we get very nice docs when hovering that sub name in other code: However, if we do the same with a variable: ' This timer is very important...