1. M

    iOS Question [B4X] Double column multiple card element sizes like Pinterest

    Hi everyone, what is the best way to achieve this type of list nowadays? I know I could do it by using two CLVs that scrolls together but I'm afraid of glitches (like jerky movements between the two on shitty-smartphone like mine) The features I'm interested in are: Two columns each column...
  2. R

    Android Question Getting Double value from KVS blob value?

    Just wondering if this is possible. If I store to KVS a double value 1: 'cMP.dMilliSecsPerMapTile will be 1 Starter.kvs.Put("Milli seconds per map tile download", cMP.dMilliSecsPerMapTile) and read the blob by connecting to the KVS database I get these bytes: i: 0, byte: 120 i: 1, byte...
  3. J

    Android Question Convert Double with Enum to String

    I have a long number from database. The number is 100000000 I need yo do some mathematics operation When I put it into Double, its turn into 1.0E8. After I've done with the mathematics operation, I need to convert the number into string. But it still retain 1.0E8 format. How do I change it back...
  4. M

    [B4X] Double (Multi) Column CLV

    Hi everyone, recently i needed to implement an double column list in one of my app. I was ispired by an @Erel example, but i needed something slightly different, so i did this (i want to share with you, maybe could be useful to someone even if is a simple thing): (it support odd number of...
  5. M

    Android Question Double Column CustomListView

    hi everyone it's possibile to have a double column customlistview to achieve this kind of result? I've to do this also in B4i Thanks!
  6. carlos7000

    Android Question The smallest number

    ¿Which is the smallest number that can be used in a variable of type float, and Which is the smallest number that can be used in a variable of type double? Please do not give the answer with a number expressed in scientific notation
  7. K

    Android Question App crashes when trying to change a label's text

    Hello! I'm new to this forum (and generally in B4A and Android programming) and this is my first post. I have a problem with the app I'm developing. This is the code causing the crash, but I don't know how to fix it: Private DriveStartHour As Int = -1 Private DriveStartMin As Int = -1...
  8. A

    B4J Question Issue with Double format

    Hi Guys, When using a float to display a sales total I am using this to round the amount. StoreTotal=Round(StoreTotal * 100) / 100 It seems to work fine until I get a 0 in the last decimal place so 99.99 works fine, however 99.90 will display as 99.9 When I was using a float also with this...