1. Michael Mejias

    Android Question Accelerated Surface Canvas and B4A Canvas on DrawCircle StrokeWidth set to high.

    Hello, I have a circle and the strokewidth is set to high. It's fine when drawing it on view even if the strokewith is very high, but when I save it to file, Bitmap.WriteToStream, the output is different from what I saw on the canvas. It's like the strokewidth is using different size. Here is...
  2. Star-Dust

    Android Code Snippet [BAX] [XUI] BitmapCreator - DrawLine, DrawPath , DrawCircle, DrawArc, DrawImageTrapezoid

    BitmapCreator lacks some important instructions on Canvas. Sometimes switching from BitmapCreator to Canvas and vice versa would slow down the code too much, so it would be better to implement them with BitmapCreator. I started writing some divers, if someone finds a way to improve it or add...