1. stevel05

    Android Code Snippet [DSE] [B4A] Standard Tooltips for Android 8+

    Based on @Dave O 's code in this thread, here is a Designer script extension to add standard tooltips for Android 8+ 'Parameters: Text As String, 1 view 'Code in DesignerScript:{class}.SetTooltip("Tooltip", Button1) Public Sub SetTooltip(DesignerArgs As DesignerArgs) Dim p As Phone If...
  2. stevel05

    B4J Library [DSE] Shapes - Shape Nodes

    This class contains designer extension script methods based on the snippets I previously posted with some enhancements that make it too complex to post as snippets. You should now be able to shape and rotate any node, text alignment is currently handled for Button, Label, Radiobutton and...
  3. stevel05

    B4J Code Snippet {DSE] Button Shapes

    These methods are now included in DSE_Shapes class which provides more functionality. Here are several Designer script extension methods that allow buttons to be shaped and rotated. It's a bit of a novelty, but may come in useful at some time. Each shape method also attempts to apply...
  4. stevel05

    B4J Code Snippet [DSE] SetToggleGroup (RadioButton / ToggleButton)

    A designer script extension that allows control over the grouping of Toggles (RadioButton And ToggleButtons) so that only one from the group can be selected at a time. B4x automatically groups RadioButtons on the same Pane. You can use this to change that behaviour which may, or may not, make...
  5. stevel05

    B4J Code Snippet [DSE] SetLabelTextOverrun behaviour.

    It seems more appropriate to post small Designer Script Extensions here so here another one. Set the TextOverrun behavior for a Label. Usage: {Class}.SetLabelTextOverrun("CENTER_WORD_ELLIPSIS",Label2,Label3) {Class} is whichever class you put the method in. You can set the same behaviour on...