1. AbdurRahman

    Share My Creation Sun, Earth and moon revolution orbit

    For learning purposes, I wrote a code that rotates an object in circle in pure way WITHOUT USING ANY 3RD PARTY LIB OR FUNCTION ;). Important code is: Sub rotate( parent As ImageView, child As ImageView, latency As Int, r As Int) As ResumableSub Dim parent_vertical_center As Double...
  2. AbdurRahman

    Android Question revolve image in circle ?

    Hi, I'm trying to revolve earth image around sun image making an orbit without using 3rd party libraries or builtin functions. So here's what I achieved: If you notice its revolves in rectangle but not in circle. So whats correct formula for moving it in circle ? Here's my current code: This...
  3. Kevin

    Android Question Loading a kmz file into Google Earth

    I wrote an app for my employer a while back and it has been working fine. I recently changed the manifest to target API 23 and added support for Runtime permissions and it continued to work as expected. My employer recently upgraded our company-provided cell phones and we went from the Galaxy...