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    Android Question Original Ripple Effect

    HI, 👋 Thanks B4X Team For Developing b4a :) I Have A Question: How can I use Android original ripple effect for Buttons and Imageviews?? I tested some libraries but they didn't good :( Please Give Me A Good Library Or Give me a code for Android Original ripple effects on imageview and buttons...
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    iOS Question Add Glow effect to a view

    Hi everyone I would like to know if there is a way to add a glow effect to a view (I'm not an expert in fact of effects). In particular I'm using this class to display a circular loading bar, it would be cool to add a glow on the ring. You think it's possibile? I attach an example image (don't...
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    Android Question Apply Blur effect to a panel

    Hi, I don't know if this is a possible thing. I would like to put a Background image, and on the top of it a transparent panel, that has a blur effect on it, so everything behind it's blurred. Something like this
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    Wish Dolly zoom effect (Jaws and Vertigo)

    Hi, I'm investigating an app. to be able to easily create the Dolly Zoom effect used in Jaws and other movies. See a sample here: There is no app. for it. To create the effect manually is a pain. My idea would be to have an app. that runs on a phone that can be put on a motorized dummy that...