1. kimstudio

    Share My Creation Voice changer

    Try to make a real-time voice changer based on phase vocoder algorithm. The algorithm transforms audio input from time space to frequency domain, modifies some content and transforms back to processed audio out. It seems that the audio in-output latency is better than my expectation considering...
  2. Brian Michael

    B4A Library [LIB] [B4A] BMTypeWriter

    Hello everyone, here I bring you a tool to create the writing effect. It is basic but functional. Thank you for viewing this library. BMTypeWriter Author: Version: 1 BMTypeWriter Create a simple TypeWriter Effect on any TextView Example: Writer1.Initialize(Me, "Writer1")...
  3. AmirMK82

    Android Question Original Ripple Effect

    HI, đź‘‹ Thanks B4X Team For Developing b4a :) I Have A Question: How can I use Android original ripple effect for Buttons and Imageviews?? I tested some libraries but they didn't good :( Please Give Me A Good Library Or Give me a code for Android Original ripple effects on imageview and buttons...
  4. M

    iOS Question Add Glow effect to a view

    Hi everyone I would like to know if there is a way to add a glow effect to a view (I'm not an expert in fact of effects). In particular I'm using this class to display a circular loading bar, it would be cool to add a glow on the ring. You think it's possibile? I attach an example image (don't...
  5. M

    Android Question Apply Blur effect to a panel

    Hi, I don't know if this is a possible thing. I would like to put a Background image, and on the top of it a transparent panel, that has a blur effect on it, so everything behind it's blurred. Something like this
  6. B

    Wish Dolly zoom effect (Jaws and Vertigo)

    Hi, I'm investigating an app. to be able to easily create the Dolly Zoom effect used in Jaws and other movies. See a sample here: There is no app. for it. To create the effect manually is a pain. My idea would be to have an app. that runs on a phone that can be put on a motorized dummy that...