1. Plutoam

    Android Question cannot find symbol Browser.BookmarkColumns.TITLE,^

    Hello to all friends I want to use this code but I get an error What is the problem? @Roycefer Public Sub GetChromeHistory As String() Dim jo As JavaObject ' jo = Me 'use from within a class jo.InitializeContext 'use from within an activity Return...
  2. ms89

    Android Question how to solve error

    I'm stuck with this erroršŸ‘‡ in my program and don't know how to solve it. can anyone help? If Code = xui.DialogResponse_Cancel Then xbtn.Req javac 1.8.0_271 shell\src\mohammad\solimani\yaddasht\b4xdialog_subs_0.java:389: error: method solveBoolean in class RemoteObject cannot be applied to given...