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    Android Question [SOLVED] Passing XML data using executeJavascript

    Hi! I'm trying to pass a long string that contains data from a XML file (141KB) to a Javascript function: Dim codigoJS As String = $"recibeString("${xmlData}");"$ wvExtras.executeJavascript(codigoJS) Log("[" & DateTime.Time(DateTime.Now)&"] " & "Se termino de pasar datos XML a...
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    Android Question Problem setting values 2 webpage controls

    Installed the WebViewExtras library (1.42) and trying to set the values of the controls on this webpage: https://qrisk.org/three All working perfectly fine, except for 2 controls, called sbps5 and weight. There is no error but they just remain blank. I tried with sleep(0) and sleep =(10) etc...