1. captain hawak

    Android Question View the latest frame of the video exo player

    hi i need to play lastest fram video stream in exo player for desktop screen sharing I do not want old frames to be displayed
  2. M

    Android Question subtitle event in exoplayer

    Hi, How to add subtitle changer event in exoplayer? for example: I want to remove part of the subtitle, so I get subtitle in changer event and remove it.
  3. M

    Android Question Error in new exoplayer

    Hi, In the new version of exoplayer, I get the following error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Constructor not found. This error in b4a reference to this code: Sub CreateMergedSource(Sources() As Object) As Object Dim arr As JavaObject...
  4. M

    Android Question change resolution of exoplayer manually

    Hello everyone I use exoplayer for HLS video streaming (m3u8 format) I want to implement a feature that user can change the resolution (480p,720p,..)of the video manually. Is it possible? sample HLS Link Like the image below(The image is related to the PotPlayer)
  5. M

    Android Question timebar(seekbar) exoplayer addListener

    hi how to addListener seekbar of exoplayer? (i find onScrubListener in exoplayer but how to use this event?) OnScrubListener exoplayer
  6. M

    Android Question change color timebar(seekbar) in exoplayer

    hello everyone I found the DefaultTimeBar class in exoplayer to change the color of the seekbar. some attributes of this class are used for color change for example: setPlayedColor , setUnplayedColor ,.... how to use this attributes and class in b4a?
  7. M

    Android Question change position subtitle in exoplayer

    hi everyone i'm try to change the position subtitle in exoplayer. search and find setBottomPaddingFraction in exoplayer. how can to use this void?
  8. KZero

    Android Question playback video frames

    Hi, i want to stream encrypted live video between 2 devices over the internet (without using RTMP or RTSP servers) i used CamEx to extract camera frames bytes and encoded it to H264 using android MediaCodec i want to playback these byte arrays or inputstream using exo player - i couldn't...
  9. sentechnologies

    Android Question How to play blob stream url in exoplayer?

    anyone help me to play this url in exoplayer blob:http://www.zengatv.com/a38705eb-1d0e-490c-97a5-a01229c5ab10