exoplayer mediaplayer

  1. instahery

    Share My Creation Cartoon Mania TV

    It was created by me, using available components. ( Exoplayer etc..) Weaknesses are still difficult to monetize with Google Ads. https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/media/exoplayer/ad-insertion thanks
  2. ekhaza

    Android Question How to get event exoplayer controller?

    Hai,,, anyone can help me? how to get event exoplayer controller
  3. R

    Android Question Exoplayer Loop function

    If u use a Http:// source like Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) If FirstTime Then player1.Initialize("player") Dim sources As List sources.Initialize sources.Add(player1.CreateUriSource("")) player1.Prepare(player1.CreateListSource(sources)) Can...
  4. M

    Android Question buffer on exoplayer

    Hi everyone, it's possible to change the buffer size and the number of buffer segments in exoplayer, i tried with Donmanfred librarie's exoplayertextureview, but i need to add subtitles too, and i dont know how to acomplish this in textureview. Any ideas?
  5. shb777

    Android Question using exoplayer 2nd video no video showing

    I'm writing a program to play videos using exoplayer. When the program runs, the screen is mainly black. The first video plays fine. When I stop it before it has finished, it stops, and the screen is mainly gray. When I then try to play a second video, I can hear the sound, but there is no...