export to excel

  1. David Hawkins

    Android Question Writing to excel file and getting error

    Hi I am trying to create an Excel file by using the following code Public Sub ExportTableToExcel(Table As B4XTable) 'Log("Exporting table.") Dim rp As RuntimePermissions rp.GetSafeDirDefaultExternal("Download") Dim Filename As String = "FieldInformation.xlsx" Dim...
  2. iordanis lazoudis

    B4J Code Snippet export Tableview to excel with jPOI

    This is my first code snippet, for exporting a tableview to an excel. ITs my first serious attempt to work with b4j after trying various tools for months. I am now certain i made the best choice to start working with b4j. After searching the forum i managed to put together this sub... no big...