1. A

    Android Question How will ExternalStorage work on Android 13?

    Android 13 has prevented third-party file managers from accessing folders in the '/Android' directory. How will ExternalStorage work now?
  2. A

    Android Question ExternalStorage - Rename a folder.

    After selecting a folder - is it possible to rename it? If this is not possible, then how can I rename a folder in an arbitrary location?
  3. A

    Android Question ExternalStorage - where is the folder?

    Hello! After selecting a folder, I change my interface. For example, I display the Micro SD or Phone icon on the screen, depending on where I am. How can I determine this in the program?
  4. james_sgp

    Android Question Folder Picker (SD card)

    Hi, My app will store a large amount of images during its use, and i want to store them on SD card (if available). So i planned to have a 'folder chooser' in the settings page of the app. Ive looked at the ExternalStorage example, but i cant see how to return just the folder path so i can...
  5. ac9ts

    Android Question [Solved] Creating sub-directory with ExternalStorage

    I can currently read and write to a root directory on a SDCard using the ExternalStorage class (v1.02) on Android 9. My question is, how do I create directories under the root directory? File structure: SDCard/ ____RootDir/ << Can read and write here ________NewDir/...
  6. C

    Android Code Snippet Copy from Dir.Internal to SD Card using ExternalStorage

    I was looking for help on copying data from Dir.Internal to an SD Card using the ExternalStorage class and noticed a few other people couldn't quite get to grips with it either. So for them here's an example, which works for me. Took me a while to get something to work, but got there eventually...