1. Xandoca

    Android Question [SOLVED] USB Permission Popup... Every time?

    Hi, Scenario: Android 7, felUsbserial and Usbmanager libraries. Android keeps asking permission to access the usb device when: (I've select the option "use by default for this USB device") Android restart Unplug and Plug the USB Turn off and turn on the USB Device Is there a way to...
  2. R

    Wish felUsbSerial,Please join the support for Holtek HT42B534, thank you

    felUsbSerial,Please join the support for Holtek HT42B534, thank you
  3. F

    Android Question [felUSBSerial] Missing data while receiving bytes

    Hello everybody! After using felUSBSerial for some while, I realized that once a while some bytes are lost in the input stream. The procedure is as follows: Clicking the button "SEND" a short message is transmitted over an FTDI-cable to an external device. The device then answers with a byte...
  4. max123

    Android Question Strange problem with FelUsbSerial library and 3D Printer controller running Marlin @ 250000 bps

    Hi all, I would like to write a B4A application capable of connecting to USB controllers for 3D Printers, in this regard I did some tests with the FelUsbSerial library, but I have a problem that I can not solve in any way. My 3D Printer controller is equipped with a FTDI serial converter and...