1. alis1200

    Android Question Camera stream on RTMP protocol

    Hello To create a live stream, you need to transfer the content from a source such as a camera, screen or a file to the client device through one of the streaming protocols in the form of packets, in the client device with exactly the same protocol as the transfer operation was done with it, we...
  2. P

    B4A Library PndFFmpegKit - FFmpeg Library

    FFmpegKit is a wrapper library that allows you to easily run FFmpeg/FFprobe commands in applications. It provides additional features on top of FFmpeg to enable platform specific resources, control how commands are executed and how the results are handled. Original library...
  3. tuhatinhvn

    B4A Library Ffmpeg Library for B4X with Inline JAVA Only

    With ffmpeg library, you can work with ffmpeg by using command-line It base this: https://github.com/bravobit/FFmpeg-Android You can convert any media to other format, edit video and audio,..... Because it use command to control ffmpeg so you should test on windows or mac firsts, if it works...