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  1. A

    Android Question Copy a file and change it's extension (example: from .bat to .txt)

    Any examples or references that could help me achieve this?
  2. I

    Android Question What is the best way to batch move files?

    I need to move a bunch of files from subfolders inside a root folder. I parse the subfolders of root folder using a For Next loop and then a nested For Next loop to parse the contents of each subfolder. Since Android does not have Move function, I copy each file using File.Copy2Async() and then...
  3. MitchBu

    Android Question File.copy, copy is bigger than original...

    I want to log PDF files used to print, so I did this after creating 1.pdf : If File.Exists(File.DirInternal, "1.pdf") = True Then File.Copy(File.DirInternal,"1.pdf",File.DirDefaultExternal,"Print-" & DateTime.Now & ".pdf") End If Original (1.pdf) is 21.91 KB Copy...
  4. I

    Android Question How to perform resource management while batch copying files?

    In my app I have a For Next loop that is used to copy all files in a particular folder. Since the target location is a URI, I use the method given here to copy the files. And it works correctly too. The problem arises when there are a lot of files to copy. Like there is a user who tried to copy...