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  1. J

    Android Question FileDialog not showing bottom tabs

    I am using FileDialog- fd.FilePath = File.DirInternal fd.FileFilter = ".pmd" Ret = fd.Show("Select File", "Load", "Cancel", "",Null) It works fine as long as the file list is smaller than the screen. In such cases it lists file names and shows the Load and Cancel tabs at the bottom. But if the...
  2. shb777

    Android Question file dialog

    I'm using the file dialog to select a video file to play. When I click on the video file, I just want it to play that file, and not make me have to click yes. is there any way to do that, and if not, is there any chance that that functionality could be added to the next version of the file dialog?
  3. shb777

    Android Question strange behavior of file dialog

    This is the code that is behaving strangely. Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) If FirstTime Then player1.Initialize("player") sources.Initialize Bmp.Initialize(File.DirAssets, "android48.png")...