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    Android Question DBUtils... My database added to file assets seems not to be there

    Hello guys, I have a database (genealogy.db) that I'm trying to read and added it to my app assets using Designer tool files tab, however when I run the program I got the following message when during File.Copy(File.DirAssets, FileName, TargetDir, FileName): Logger connected to: samsung...
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    Android Question where is the APK file

    hi, I want to upload my app to google play, but I didnt find the APK file in my project folder, someone knows how to find this file or how to create him? thanks
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    Bug? Resyncing file locations after moving folders

    Hi Erel, I had cause to move an application folder into a sub-folder to keep things tidy. Project folder ... moved to ... New Folder | +--------- Project Folder | +--------- Other resources for the project After moving, the application could not locate the layout...